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Indoor Trade Space Application

Outdoor Trade Space Application

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Harvey Agricultural Society

Notes for Trade Space Applicants


  1. The Harvey Show commences Saturday at 9am and concludes 9pm Saturday. Exhibitors may begin setting up any time after 6.30am on Saturday and are to be complete by 9.00am.
  2. Indoor trade space is located within a well lit recreation facility (two side by side basketball courts). The building is within the outdoor show activites. The building is locked up at 9pm on Saturday night.
  3. Indoor trade space is normally 3 metres deep and of the frontage width requested. A minimum frontage of 3 metres is recommended. Requests for part of a metre(ie. 2.5m) will not normally be accepted.
  4. Most of the available indoor trade spaces DOES NOT have a backing wall. Exhibitors should expect a bare section of floor and provide any backboards, props, tables and similar display aids. a row of bleachers may also be used for trade space.
  5. Where requested a 240 volt power outlet will be supplied no more than 10m from the allocated spaces. Extension leads will not be supplied. Overload protected power boards are accepted. Double adapters are not encouraged.
  6. Stall location is entirley at the discretion of the Indoor/Outdoor Chief Steward.
  7. While the show officially continues till 9.00pm, indoor trade exhibitors may begin packing up after 7.00pm. Exhibitors will be required NOT to pack up prior to 7.00pm.
  8. The town of Harvey is located 1km west of the South Western Highway, 140km south of Perth and 50km north of Bunbury. The show grounds/football oval/recreation centre is located at the western edge of the town centre and can be approached via the main street, Uduc Road. The indoor trade hall is located the north-west corner of the show grounds and is most easily accessed by taking Tom Latch Drive or Sir James Avenue, both of the north side of the grounds.

COMPLIMENTARY PASSES: One pass per $50 remittance will be sent with a Tax Invoice Receipt. Additional passes are $4.00 each if required. Each exhibitor is entitled to park one only vehicle inside the grounds on the Old basketball Courts. Vehicle passes will be sent with the receipt. The pass must be shown to gain access to the show grounds. NO PASS NO ACCESS

NO BOOKING shall be deemed granted unless full payment is submitted with this form. Application must be submitted NO LATER than four weeks before the date of the show (4 weeks for food stalls).

  • Recyclable products are to be used where possible. All packaging to be low volume waste.
  • NO food and/or beverages may be sold without special permission of the Society.
  • Applicants to supply own tables/trestles and chairs
  • Applicants are responsible for electrical leads and blown fuses if due to overload.
  • Applicants must erect and dismantle their own tents.

All commercial exhibitors shall affect a Public Liability Risk Policy and shall include a photocopy of receipt for payemt of premium with this completed application for trade space.
This policy shall be for a sum not less than $10 million for all caterers, side shows and other entertainment including show bag sellers.
All rides and amusements must complete and return the accompanying Insurance Comfirmation Form.


  • Advertising "Blimps" - the flying, tethered or untethered advertising balloons or any other large inflatable devices are prohibited, unless prior written permission is received from the Society.
  • Itinerant selling is prohibited. Exhibitors activites must be contained within the confines of the exhibitors stands.
  • Raffles and Lotteries (C.1) The sale of raffles tickets and the distributation of free raffle tickets as a marketing promotion is permitted on receipt of written permission from the Society and subject to the Society's conditions.
  • Exhibitors are prohibited from offering any goods or services for sale other than those indicated on this application form, conformation from and approved by the Society.

The sale, distribution or use is prohibited of:

  • Any item - which may, by its use or operation, cause alarm or distress to any person or any animal.
  • Balloons (gas filled) - unless the balloon is fitted to a non-conductive and rigid rod or straw.
  • Bow and arrows of any description.
  • Guns, Cap Guns and caps/cartridges for cap guns.
  • Water pistols or projectiles
  • Celluloid Toys - unless they comply with Health Department Regulations and a permit has been obtained from the Department.
  • Chemical Sprays, Silly String - "stage door streamers" or other similar spar projected items including shaving cream , shaving foam etc.
  • Fireworks including sparklers
  • Kites - unless they are disassembled and packaged.
  • Laser light and all form pertaining to lasers.


  • Exhibitors must ensure that all electrical work, on their sites is carried out by a licenced electrical contractor in compliance with Australian Standards AS3000 and AS3002.
  • Use of double adapters is not permitted.
  • An opening of appropriate size is to be provided where stands are constructed in front of power and switchboards to provide access.
  • Exhibitors must only use an extension cord on their sites which carries a valid test tag.
  • A validated test tag must:
    • Have been tested by a competent person within the last six months.
    • Be fitted with a tag.
    • The tag must show
      1. The date it was tested
      2. The name of the person who tested it
    • Multiway outlets(power boards) with overload protectors must be approved type.
    • The use of radiators or heaters is prohibited.
  • Cables:
    • Cables shall be of a standard insulated and sheathed type and flexible cords shall be heavy-duty sheathed type.
    • Cables shall not be laid on the ground in areas accessible to the public.
    • In all other situations, cables may be laid on the ground for short distances provided that suitable means of protections are provided.
  • Children entering into Hall Exhibits have a chance of winning a free ride or game for Sideshow Alley valued at $10.00!
  • 2017 All Trade Applications Now Closed
  • 2017 Food Vendor Applications Now Closed
  • Entry and Car Passes will be mailed by 31st March 2017 to accepted and paid in full applicants only.
  • Harness Horses are to enter grounds via Third Street Gate
  • Horses and ponies to compete in either Hack or Hunter classes as per RAS rules - not both.
  • Click here for Unofficial Show Jumping


  • Saturday

    Showers Late. Afternoon Clouds. Warm. 14-28
  • Sunday

    Scattered Showers. Mostly Sunny. Warm. 14-28
  • Monday

    Morning Clouds. Mild. 13-24